about woody bicycles

we build bicycles out of beautiful materials. 

Woody bicycles was founded in 2008 and lives at the intersection of old world carpentry and new world technology. Max Samuelson, the Master Carpenter at Woody, grew up in Cape May, surrounded by a community of wooden boat builders and carpenters working on historic restorations. The town, the lifestyle, the experiences and skills, alongside a passion for riding bicycles, led Max to build the first Woody over 8 years ago. 

It took a long time (think ~6 years) to design the bikes you see today. We started with beach cruisers and Z-frames -- our bikes were unique, different, and fun. Even though they aren't as sophisticated as they are today, they still sold very well. Since then, every bike has gotten better as we tweak bits and pieces of the model to improve the final product. Today, our bikes are comparable in weight and strength to other bikes in their class. To get there, we used [drumroll] !technology! ... All types of technology, from marine grade epoxy  to computer numerical coding machines to perfect frame consistency and sizing.

To get to the point, you have probably noticed that our bikes also incorporate a special something... wood

Wood is the game changer. It has unique vibration absorption capacity, an awesome aesthetic, and is less dense than steel, allowing us to use more material with less weight gain. That's why we make bikes out of wood. And why people make boats out of wood. And guitars. And other string instruments. And baseball bats. And hammers. And skis... We could go on forever, but that would be annoying.

Every bike that comes out of the shop is hand-crafted with attention to every single detail. From the first step of the process, where we get to know you and your needs, through the meticulous selection of wood, to the finishing process. It takes time. But, we can promise you, you'll never look back. 

We're here to build you the perfect bike. What are you waiting for?