Looking for a custom bike?

A custom bike build is the ultimate! You cannot get a more perfect bike. We cannot be happier with the build process. It's a partnership from the start. Where possible we will have you come out to our shop where we discuss your wants and needs in your bike.  We fit you to the perfect size bike (or you send us information from your favorite shop) and, with our guidance, you get to choose the component packages, material colors ,and wood species to be used.  We can even do custom monogramming in your frame!

This process doesn't happen overnight. The time, energy, and attention to detail pull together a result the one that will last, both in product and impression, for a lifetime.  Not your average experience. 

If your ready to roll, or if you just have a question, please don't hesitate to ask. We're excited to build with you! 

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Let's get started! 

You make no commitment by filling out this form, but please only do so if you're sincerely interested. We're looking forward to having the conversation! 

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What style of bicycle are you interested in?
Do you have a preference in the type of wood used? There are many variables that determine the type we CAN use (availability, certain properties, etc), but let us know if you have a type you're into.
How do you plan to use your Woody Bicycle?
Please share some more information about who you are, what you like doing, and why you're interested in a woody. The more we know, the better! Not to be creepy or anything, but we need to get to know you to build you a bike that fits your personality.