Constructing woody bikes

Starting with natural wood and turning it into a bike is not a simple process. We have combined old-world craftsmanship and boat building techniques with new engineering science and products. Utilizing appropriate wood types, puzzle-piece join construction, marine grade adhesives and finish products, we make these bikes to be long-lasting, high-performing additions to your everyday life. Let there be no doubt, these bikes are STRONG. 


Wood Types

We select our woods based on their genetic properties and beauty. Our wood is sourced from around the world, but we focus on locally sourced wood types, unless there is a specific request/desire for a different wood type. Below are some of the woods we have used most frequently and most recently: 

  • Mahogany (American, African, etc)
  • Sycamore
  • Babinga
  • Purple Heart
  • Maple (American, Tiger, Eye lit) 
  • Black Walnut
  • Sitka Spruce 
IMG_6169 (1).JPG

Frame Construction

The frame construction is the workhorse of the bike build. We cut out multiple pieces of the frame, hollow out targeted spots (which aids in keeping weight low), and fit the pieces together in a "puzzle"construction. It's a very, very cool process that results in the bikes building strength and uniformity before glue is applied to the various pieces. 

We use inlaid carbon fiber in spots where additional tensile strength is beneficial. The carbon also creates beautiful dark accent lines that contract nicely with the otherwise wooden frames. 

All component junctures are industry standard and made of metal. When we say "componenet junctures" we mean where your derailleur attaches to the bike or the drivetrain, headtube... things like that. We do this so you can take the bike to ANY bike shop to have them tune it up and/or upgrade your components over time. If you have any questions about this, we are happy to answer them! 


Super strong glue & Beautiful finishes

We use the epoxies (aka glues) that are used on wooden boats. They're strong and can withstand serious elements. We know you're going to be outside on these bikes riding and having a blast, and we want the frames to be able to weather your adventures. 

Given that, every bike needs to be taken care of! Keep it under shelter whenever you can, as sun, wind, and precipitation will be relevant in the long-run.