Why Wood?

We build bike frames out of wood because it is the best material for a pile of great reasons. A combination of vibration dampening characteristics, combined with powerful durability, stiffness, and organic beauty, makes wood a uniquely perfect material for your ride. Wood has been called "natures carbon fiber," but you don't have to trust us. Read on for more...  

vibration dampening.jpg

Vibration Dampening Capacity

When people think about riding along the rough road, bumpy sidewalk, or over pebbles, images of chattering teeth and bouncing handlebars come to mind. The most unique quality of wood is it's ability to dampen vibrations coming from below and thereby reduce the transmission of that un-productive "energy" into your legs. That's a good thing if you want a smooth ride down the sidewalk to the beach, but also a good thing if you're racing and want to reduce the lactic acid buildup in your super strong, leg muscles.

There are many products on the market that take advantage of this wonderful wood characteristic. Here are just a few: 

  • Ski
  • Hammers / Axes / Bats
  • Wood chip ground covering at a playground
  • String instruments

Lightweight, dUrable, & STiff 

Wood is a commonly used construction material because of it's strength and stiffness, but it is also lightweight and flexible, where it beats it's metal competitors. Metal is strong in every direction (isotropic), it behaves the same when pulled in any direction. Wood has more interesting properties that make it stronger in some directions and weaker in others. Assuming the wood is used right, it is the higher performing of the two materials because it can provide the same strength and stiffness, but with a lighter weight end product. 

Other Products that use wood for it's weight, durability, and stiffness (among others): 

  • Boats
  • Vertical Beams in houses
  • Golf Clubs


You can probably see how beautiful these bike frames are through the pictures, but just wait until you see them in person! We're not professional photographers (although sometimes we pretend and run round with iphones), but we hope you get the idea.