Woody Models

Our bikes come in a variety of makes and models to suit your needs. From competition bikes to beach cruisers, each bike is unique and customized to you. Below you will find information about our various styles. Our currently available bikes are found here or you can send us a custom request form



There's nothing better than cruising to the beach on a wooden bicycle. Paramount comfort and natural vibes. Z-frame and V-frame styles available for beach cruisers. 



Getting to work can be a drag, but it gets so much better on a wooden bicycle! This commuter bike combines perfomance and elegance, comfort and speed, and enjoyment to help you get to work everyday smiling. 

city bike example


Similar to the commuter, but a bit more relaxed, this ride can go the distance at whatever speed suits you. The relaxed style is perfect for getting around town and enjoying the experience of doing so. 

tt example

TT | Triathlon

Our racing line of traithlon/tt frames is a force of nature. We know there a lot of conversations and ideas about the ideal race frame material, but we'd like to clear the air and finish the conversation. It's wood! We'll even tell you why... 


Road - custom orders only

Although most of our builds are custom, we do sometimes have options available in the other styles. If you're looking for a road bike, talk to us!